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An endorsement from someone is truly a gift - it is the gift of trust. It tells me that the person endorsing me is trusting me with the most important beings there are: our children. To make sound decisions for the benefit of Sonoma Valley children and that is a level of trust I am so honored to be given.
To endorse me as the Sonoma Valley Unified School District Board Area 2 Trustee, please email me at celeste@celestewinders.com with a request to be named on the endorsement list and if you like, feel free to share with me why you endorse me as a school board trustee and please provide that in your preferred language.
Thank you for your ongoing support and trust.

El respaldo de alguien es un verdadero regalo: es el regalo de la confianza. Me dice que la persona que me respalda me está confiando los seres más importantes que hay: nuestros niños. Para tomar decisiones acertadas en beneficio de los niños del Valle de Sonoma y eso es un nivel de confianza que me honra mucho.
Para endosarme como fideicomisario del Área 2 de la Junta del Distrito Escolar Unificado del Valle de Sonoma, por favor envíeme un correo electrónico a celeste@celestewinders.com con una solicitud para ser nombrado en la lista de endoso y si lo desea, siéntase libre de compartir conmigo por qué me endosa como fideicomisario de la junta escolar y por favor proporcione eso en su idioma preferido.
Gracias por su continuo apoyo y confianza.

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  • Celeste Winders is a true community champion. You can always TRUST that in all of her actions, Celeste will put the community and our children first. Celeste has spent countless hours fighting for the most vulnerable kids in our schools, making sure they get the education they deserve and that schools honor their rights to equal educational opportunities. She fights for the powerless against the more powerful, and will continue that on the school board. Celeste understands that when we ensure that our most vulnerable kids thrive in schools, we make schools better for all kids. Nobody understands the systems of school administration better than Celeste. She will hit the ground running, ready to improve the lives of our students and empower our teachers to do the right thing. Celeste has my full and unqualified support for Sonoma Valley Area 2 School Board Trustee. CELESTE IS THE BEST. - Jerry Threet
  • “The children in Sonoma need the wisdom, dedication, compassion, and tenacity of Celeste Winders on the Sonoma Valley Unified School Board. I fully support and endorse Celeste Winders.” - Garland Lamb
  • “I endorse Celeste Winders because she has done the work. She knows what she knows and she knows what she doesn’t know and she is game to learn. She is smart and passionate and compassionate. She knows this district intimately. She knows the weaknesses and the potential.” - Shannon Erickson Lee
  • “Yo te apoyo porque tu as sabido guiar y representar a tantos padres de la comunidad de una forma u otra cuando te tenemos dudas con algo relacionado al distrito,eres una persona empatica ves y actúas sobre la necesidad y alguien como tú necesita este distrito. Se que no tomas a la ligera el apoyar a las familias y a la comunidad, también se que sin tener un puesto oficialmente as hecho mucho para lograr justicia e igualdad para los estudiantes y esto va desde guiar a los padres con niños de necesidades especiales asta ser una gran voluntaria de Food For All - Comida Para Todos y estar siempre pensando en seguir creando oportunidad para que las familias sigan recibiendo este servicio .” - Paty Rios
  • “Highly Qualified. We need a voice for the non Nuevo typical community on the school board.” - Howard Sapper SCCHR officer at large and chairman of the disability Ad hoc for SCCHR
  • I endorse Celeste so whole heartedly because she's proven time and time again that she will always stick up for our kids even when it is in opposition of a system that's been in place for generations. She's always been the fiercest ally of the children that fall through the cracks of the system and to have her on the board would be invaluable in making sure that that stops happening.” - Ian Hinkley
  • “I endorse Celeste because she is all about our children! All day, everyday. As a parent of a child who started with an IEP in kindergarten and now a 504 going into 7th grade. I truly value her experience and support of my child.” - Marnie Sauls
  • “We endorse Celeste because we admire who she is and what she means to both our kiddos and parents. She has always been there to answer our questions, reassure us and FIGHT for us. She is always accessible and straightforward. Her words of encouragement and knowledge have helped more times than she probably knows. We wholeheartedly endorse her!!!” -Jenifer and Trevor Mclellan
  • “I endorse Celeste, she has a passion for our special needs children and their parents. Being a mother of special needs children, she knows their needs, she knows what rights the parents are entitled too. She will make the perfect candidate for this position." - Jeanine Hunt
  • “The first time I personally attended a Sonoma Valley school board meeting was in support for Celeste when she was advocating for one of her own children. What I have learned since that time is that Celeste has continued to advocate for all students, especially the more vulnerable and unrepresented ones that are falling through the cracks of a broken system. Celeste would make a great addition to the board to help problem solve and take steps to a more equitable system. I endorse Celeste Winders for Sonoma Valley School Board - Area 2.” - Janet McLaughlin-Davis
  • “I support Celeste Winders, because she genuinely cares about our schools and students. She advocates for all, and tells her truth from being a SVUSD student herself, to being a parent. She has been going to the school board meetings regularly for years, not just for pet projects. She has given a voice to many of the underrepresented communities in the valley. She has also volunteered for years at her children’s schools as well as many district committees.” - Nona Gamble
  • “I endorse Celeste Winders because there is no one I have ever met who fights as hard as she does for our kids. She has educated herself to know what needs to be done, and will work with a team towards the common goal of providing a safe and nurturing environment for the children of Sonoma Valley.” - Melania Scheiblich Mahoney
  • “I fully support and endorse Celeste Winders….we are so fortunate to have someone of her caliber standing up for those who can’t. 100% support.” - Laine Glende
  • "I endorse Celeste Winders because she is one of the most compassionate, kind, caring and fierce persons I know. She puts her ALL into being the most amazing advocate for ALL children in education. She is at every meeting, speaking up for those voices. Celeste doesn't stop at education eitherm, she is a volunteer for Food For All and an outstanding member of our community." - Lucie Szakallas
  • "We believe Celeste will represent oir community and the student needs and advocate for all students needs. She very much cares about the students and families and will be honest and direct with what the district needs to offer our students. Thank you." - Sheana Davis & Ben Sessions
  • "I have known Celeste for 30+ years and have witnessed her sense of right and wrong, personal drive and compassion for society as a whole. In the past few years , she has attended IEP meetings with me for my oldest daughter after I was not being heard and also confused by some of the lingo used in the meetings. Not only does she know the laws and regulations for special education, she helped my daughter receive her legal right to accommodations due to her disability. She gave her time with such compassion and determination. The fire that she has in her soul to fight for those that struggle is indistinguishable. Thank you Celeste for all you do for not just my family but many others. I wholeheartedly endorse you."  - Monica Badgley